This is about upskilling in creative digital media. I mainly post about Photoshop but often talk about creativity and ways to approach it with digital media. I may delve into concepts around design, colour & techniques around Photo editing. I also talk about Illustrator and InDesign and graphic animation sometimes. For everyone that wants to get more creative with digital media and upskill or learn from the beginning, no matter what age, creativity is for everyone.

I have been teaching Art, Design and Digital Media for over ten years and now mainly teach Photoshop, from beginner to advanced. I love to show people what is possible and inspire creativity in image editing.

Photoshop is an incredible programme, an industry standard and caters to high end use and everyday use. I have some online courses coming up which starts at complete beginner. I can show you how get the best out of your images whilst building your knowledge slowly and taking the frustration out of learning it.

I have been working in creative jobs all my life and taught. I am a creative and I am very familiar with the creative journey and mindset issues surrounding creativity. I continue to learn about creativity everyday in my painting practice and guide others in my teaching of digital creativity. I think this is what is unique about me as a teacher. I can teach you the technique but I also coach your creativity, guide you through ways to embrace creativity and bring a sense of community to my groups.

My own creative journey has lead me to a degree in Visual Performance, in and out of the Film Industry then I was employed as a Visual Merchandiser (Window Dresser/Designer) and Graphic Designer to a small chain of shops. I then trained as an Art & Design Teacher and did that for 10 years, teaching 11-18 year olds Art, Design and Digital Media. I have run my own film co-operative and worked voluntarily in another and run film making days and clubs in secondary schools. I have now trained in Social Media and continue to explore this world. I have worked in many mediums and creative fields and this has given me great insight into the process and mindset of making.

You may just want better images, but in delving into your digital creativity and embarking on a creative journey through image editing you may find more than you signed up for.

This Blog has shifted in focus recently. It used to be more about supporting adults to encourage digital making with children and young people. It is now more focused on Photoshop and anyone who wants to start or up skill in image editing. The first few blogs are very much about how to encourage creativity in children. You may find them of interest and the themes can be applied to anyone. It is still about the creative journey.

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