Levels could be considered to be the gateway step into your photo editing, perhaps because it can have a huge impact on the look of your image. Its the first step in your workflow. You always start with Levels & Curves and end with Sharpening and what ever your image needs inbetween.

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Level Adjustments

Think of Levels as your way to read the tones of the picture in front of you. Perhaps look at the picture and access if it is quite dark or has lots of very light tones in it. Try to guess what the histogram will look like. Then start playing with the sliders. Move one to effect the dark tones, one to push the lights and the middle slider to bring the mid tones up or down, lighter or darker.

To check how the picture is presenting, use the histogram to see where all the data is clunked together. If it is in the dark tone area, it tells me there is lots of darks and I may think about pushing more lights through.

It’s all about playing with those sliders and seeing how it effects the picture. Levels are a fairly quick adjustment to make. It’s no big deal. Don’t overthink it, tweak it and move on. Levels become more of a feel thing as you get used to it.

Enjoy the video and dive into your editing

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